How to Maintain Your Recurve Bow

Proper Maintenance of Recurve Bow

Did you know, the best quality recurve bows can be used throughout life!!! if it is appropriately maintained. Similarly, It’s not going to be worth much in a year or two unless you take care of it. So, if you want to achieve the best of your recurve, then you must maintain it properly. And today, I’m going to share with you some tips on recurve bow maintenance. If you are a beginner recurve archer or hunter, it’ll be helpful for you. 

recurve bow maintenance

From the primitive era, people started using the bow for hunting and combat. Although, in today’s world, archery is being studied as a sport. Also, many people use a bow for hunting—no matter what type of use, the lifetime and performance of a bow depends on its maintenance

Recurve bow has two varieties by its mechanism of built, and they are takedown recurve and traditional/longbow. Takedown bows are usually made with wood but nowadays you’ll find lots of variety in it. One of the best benefits of a takedown bow is the possibility to disassemble it. But a longbow does not give you this advantage.

recurve bow rack

Today I will show you to do this difficult task easily. In truth, to keep your recurve bow healthy you have to go in a stape by stape manner. For example, inspection before shooting, stringing/unstringing, when should replace your recurve string, how to handle it, bow tuning, storing a recurve bow, etc. 

Let’s go for it.

Perform a Short Inspection Before Shoot

Before you start to shoot first, always check all parts of your bow. Because every portion of a bow is vital because all elements have their job by themselves, let’s go and have a look at which part to check and how.

Check The Stability of Riser

Riser plays the central role of a recurve bow. It holds all parts like limbs and strings together. Additional components like bow sight, arrow rest, clicker, etc. are also mounted with a riser. So, you have to check the riser first. Make sure that there is no crack, gap, or any other fault in your riser. It is good enough in shape, and there is no extra carve in it. 

Often it happens that the risers, especially the wooden risers, get some extra curve due to the use after long intervals. It also happens due to the wrong way of storage. Storing a bow is very important; I’ll be coming back to this in a bit. Sometimes direct sunlight is responsible for this kind of damage. Check the attached points of limbs and other accessories, are they precise? Because when you are going to draw the bow, the riser will take considerable pressure. In a takedown recurve bow ensure that the limbs are screwed thoroughly as well as tightly.

Be Careful About The Bowstring

Whether it’s a recurve or a compound, the bowstring is a crucial part. You can say that “String is everything” of your bow. The bowstring absorbs the power burden and serves it over time. That’s why, between all of the parts, the bowstring requires the most frequent maintenance. It depends on the weight of the bow, how often do you shoot with it, and the conditions that your bow faces regularly.

Now, when should you replace the bowstring


If it looks fuzzy like the image or has gone old, you better change it right now. The cost to replace the bowstring is not much high. Unfortunately, if it gets ripped off, it can hurt you physically and damage your bow too. Proper waxing is essential to enhance the effectiveness and durability of the bowstring. 

Always unstring your bow after the shooting season, It prolongs your bow life in every way. For an archer or bowhunter, this is the right technique.

Overall Checkup of Your Bow

Without riser and bowstring, there are more things to inspect like limbs and other bow accessories you use. In a takedown bow limbs are removable, and they are made with carbon fiber. So, keep a keen eye when screwed or unscrewed

Make sure you have correctly installed all these accessories which you will use with your bow. And that would all allow you to blow your target. You’re going to miss it if they work wrong. It is essential to verify before you fire.

How to Care for a Recurve Bow Regularly

So, let’s get started with a step-by-step process to care for your recurve bow.

How to Care for Recurve Bow Riser


As I told you a while ago “Riser plays the central role of a recurve bow”. Now, when it comes to recurve bow maintenance, you have to start with the riser. Most recurve bows are made of wood. The wooden risers contain wood veneer with a protective coating that protects the riser from water and heat and makes it sturdy and durable.

To clean up a wooden riser, you can use the automotive polishing compound with a clean and soft rag. As you know, takedown bow limbs are attached with bolts. So there is a chance to be some dust that can jam those holes. You can clean those holes with cotton buds. Make sure they are clean; otherwise, it can damage bolts and create vibration when shooting. Also, there will be some more screw holes for additional accessories. Keep them clean to get the best performance from them. 

Recurve Bow Limb Maintenance

Limbs do not require too much maintenance, just keep them clean, unstressing after use, and avoid being stored under pressure.

Take an Authentic Look on String

The string is a compassionate part of any kind of bow. As you read earlier, “between all of the parts, bowstring requires the most frequent maintenance”. It’s tough to explain the significance of bowstrings. Always keep an eye on whether any part of the string is faded or bumpy. Especially, the nocking point and the attached points. Those points take the most pressure when it is drawn, for that they get damaged after lots of shooting. If it looks fuzzy or contorted, then you should change your bowstring. You can wax your bowstring to keep it healthy and long-lasting.


Storing a Recurve Bow Properly

As a piece of outdoor equipment, your bow needs to store correctly after use. Keep in mind, most of the time, due to incorrect storing causes damage to your bow parts. So, now I’m going to tell you the proper storing of a recurve bow.

Clean up Your Bow, and It’s Accessories

In this stage of storing, you have to start with a better clean-up. Due to outdoor use, your bow often gets dirty and muddy. You must unstring your bow and don’t forget to remove the limbs if it is a takedown bow. Clean your bow carefully, the riser, limbs, bowstring and other accessories must be clean before storing. I wish the video will help you

Use a Bow Case to Store

Try to store your loving bow in a bow case. Actually, this is the proper way of saving a recurve bow. The bow case protects your bow limbs and risers to get an extra curve. It also helps you to carry your bow with you.

Many soft and hard cases are available on the market. Soft bow cases consist of sturdy fabrics or synthetic materials. A soft bow case is not always good for your bow. But the hard cases are made of stiff plastic to keep your bow safe inside. You can choose one as per your requirement. I recommend the hard boxes if it is available, they are the right conservator.

Storing Recurve Bow Without Case

Though it’s not the right way to store a bow without a bow case, people often do it. But sometimes the longbow has to be stored this way because of the rarity of their cases. In all these circumstances try hanging it high off the ground somewhere. Never store your bow in the reach of children and pets. Be sure to cover your bow to keep it dust-free when stored without a bow case.


Be Careful About Pressure, Heat and Damp

Heat, pressure, and dampness can be destructive to your bow. So, you must store your bow in a place that is free from those harmful effects. If not, it may damage any part of your bow. In many circumstances, you’ll need to change your bow which is very unexpected. 

Additional Things to Consider

There are some other things to keep in mind when it comes to the maintenance of recurve bow.

Never Dry Fire With Your Bow

Dry fire is extremely harmful to a bow, and should never do it. It means shooting without an arrow. As you know, pulling a bow creates a lot of power, when it fires without an arrow, it directly releases all the energy on the riser and limbs randomly. It can be dangerous for shooters and people around. 

Get an Expert’s Annual Inspection.

An expert can understand the health of a bow accurately. Do an annual review by a specialist so you can stay confident about your bow. At the same time, you can tune up the bow, and this will assure you the accuracy of penetration. If you’ll follow the process shown in the video below, hope you can tune your recurve, longbow yourself.

Final Words

So, this was the overall information about the recurve bow maintenance. If you follow the instructions, I hope you’ll get the best performance from your recurve bow and assure its long life. Best of luck with your perfect shoot!

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