Must-Have Hunting Gears: The Ultimate Hunters Checklist

Must Have Hunting Gears

Preparing for a hunting trip is no less exciting than the trip itself. Having the necessary gear is a staple for every hunting trip. Whether you’re a pro or novice hunter, you must be prepared to face whatever comes on your way and for that, must carry the essential gears with you.

Hunting comes with an adrenaline rush and excitement. However, there are some rules and regulations for hunting. If you want to become a hunter you have to follow some laws, because not every person is eligible for hunting.

must have hunting gear

So, below are some of the must-have gears for all the hunters out there that we are going to talk about. We have come up with a checklist for you that will make the next hunting trip a total blast. Let’s have a quick look at our list of must-have hunting gears

Gears You Need as Must Have Hunting Gear

To create a hunting gear checklist, you must be organized according to the hunting territory and weather. The list below is made up of almost all aspects.

  • Legal Documents
  • Weapon and Ammo
  • Orange/Camo Clothing
  • Scent Free Boots
  • Scent Killer
  • Hunting Backpack
  • A Pocket Knife (Multi-Use)
  • Hunting Blinds or Tree Stands
  • Mapping Essentials
  • Binocular and Rangefinder
  • Trail Cameras
  • Phone Essentials
  • Calls and Decoy
  • Basic First Aid Kit
hunting gear checklist
Now let's have a brief discussion on those must-have hunting gears and learn the necessity of them.

At first, for hunting an individual should have a hunting license. It is a legal right for an individual to participate in hunting. Hunting is not legal in all states and not all animals are listed for hunting.

usa hunting_license

If you are thinking about your first hunting keep in mind that without a proper hunting license it would become your first kill rather than your first hunt. However, if you are hunting in your private property then there is no need for a hunting license.

Bear in mind that you can’t hunt on other people’s property. For that, there is a hunting lease agreement. 

It is a contract between landowners and hunters. The main theme of this contract is a hunter can hunt on the landowner’s property. The landowner can set some strict rules and regulations for a hunter to follow. Thus, the hunter will be protected by legal documents.

Weapon and Ammo

A weapon is a second but foremost gear in a must-have hunting gear list. It is the ammunition that decides which type of animal it is best suited for rather than the actual weapon. Therefore, a hunter should always look for the ammunition details to decide for each animal. After that, the hunter can look for the perfect weapon according to the ammunition type.

Most of the time for weapons such as rifles and pistols two types of ammunition are available. One is an expansion which is usually used for a quick killing. It causes high damage and severe bleeding. Another one is penetration which is used for bigger animals for deep penetration.

Apart from these two weapons, there are shotguns and bows which are famous for hunting. If you are a bow hunter then you can choose one from my review here Best Recurve Bow for Hunting.

must have hunting gear weapons

However, Shells and arrows are used in these two weapons as there is no expansion or penetration ammunition for these hunting weapons. These bows and arrows’ ammunitions are ranged from class 0 to class 3.

Proper Hunting suits

camoflougs clothing must have hunting gear

The camouflage print helps to disappear into the wood, that’s why camouflage is a very common ware for hunters. The reason for wearing orange clothes is that your fellow hunters can see you from far as the color orange is heavily visible to human eyes. 

In many states wearing orange cloth is mandatory when hunting with a shotgun. Hunters usually don’t wear orange clothing because they don’t think it doesn’t camouflage well enough. Animals cannot distinguish the color. However, your fellow hunters can, and for safety reasons, it is better if you wear orange clothing while you are hunting.

Hunting Boots: Scent Free Boots

Scent freeboots are one of the must-have gear for hunters. You must know that deers can smell the scent of your boots and where you have walked. Almost all the hunters face this issue while they are on a hunt which makes hunting more difficult.

Most hunters out there think that by using rubber boots you are putting the scent down. However, that is not the case. They intend to take more care of their clothes rather than their boots. Hunters most often clean their clothes but they use boots more and clean them the least.

The best way to keep the scent away is by keeping your feet dry. This is a very tough task for the hunters as preventing your feet from sweating you need to be at a suitable temperature. Then you can use scent killer on your boots and wash your boots constantly before going on a hunt.

hunting boots for hunting

Scent Killer

Remember, most prey have strong odor power and they can smell you from a long distance. Whenever they get your presence they’ll run away. In this case, only the scent killer can save you.

scent killer must have hunting gear

Scent killers help hunters in avoiding detection by wild animals. There are many good scent killers out there. According to the research the most effective scent killers out there hunters can use is the “Wildlife Research Scent Killer Gold”. It is proven to be extremely effective in preventing human scents. It is very easy to use and it lasts longer than any other scent killer sprays out there. 

Hunting Backpack

Hunting Backpack hunting gear

A dependable backpack is a must-have piece for a stress-free hunting trip. Every hunter should get their hands on a backpack that’s designed especially for hunting. These kinds of bags will enable you to reach for essential items without having to unpack other stuff.

Make sure the bag is spacious enough so that it can efficiently hold all your necessary tools and gadgets. However, avoid having backpacks that are bulky and heavyweight. These types of bags will make it harder for you to trouble and add unnecessary hassle.

Also, opt for the back that comes with advanced noise-free Velcro technology. Otherwise, a noisy backpack will create sound when the prey is around and eventually scare them away.

Multi-Use Knife (Pocket Knife)

Pocket knives are a staple for every hunting trip. A quality one of the must-have hunting gear as that will make your trip a lot more convenient. Pocket knives come in multiple different sizes and shapes. A typical hunting knife is used for multiple different purposes. You can use it for all the essential tasks such as skinning, boning, gutting, butchering, etc.

hunting knife

One of the most important uses of a modern hunting knife is for field dressing. The process involves removing the organs of the hunt to preserve the meat. If you’re hunting deep in the woods then a fixed blade knife will come very handy. The right investment on the knife will make the trip as it’s one of the most important tools that you need for the trip.

Hunting Blinds and Stands

A hunting blind and stand will help you stay hidden even when the prey is roaming around you. It’ll reduce the chances of the prey running away even when they’re within your sight. There are different types of blinds that you can choose based on your hunting situation.

hunting blind must have hunting gear

You can either choose to set up the blind using the materials available around the hunting spot. Also, there are many high-quality hunting blinds and stands available in the market. A quality blind is super quiet and easy to carry. The hunting blind needs to be set up along the trail ways, in that way it’ll give up coverage over a large radius.

Mapping Essentials

When you’re out there in the woods, you must ensure that you have the mapping essentials so that you can find your way back easily. GPS, map, and compass are the most required mapping essentials that you must carry during a hunting trip.

Handheld hunting GPS

GPS has certainly changed the scenario for hunters with its outstanding convenience. It’s no longer a luxury that only the militaries get to have rather a common feature for all kinds of adventure trips. A GPS will enable you to mark your trail and the time you stayed in there.

However, you shouldn’t rely entirely on GPS. Keep a compass and map handy with you. If somehow the GPS device gets lost or the battery goes down, the map and compass will help you get your way back from the woods.


Binoculars are a must-have for all sorts of adventurous trips and it’s even more essential for hunting trips. A binocular will help you have a clear look over a large area and help you spot your prey easily. A good-quality binocular will have glare and anti-fog properties that will help you hunt on various kinds of environmental conditions and stay concealed while you’re stalking the prey.

binocular for hunting

There are plenty of trusted brands of binoculars are available out there that come with innovative technology. Nowadays, you can find some hunting binoculars that will allow you to take pictures as well. Make sure you go for a pair with high-quality to make the best out of your investment.


No hunting expedition will be complete without a rangefinder. The rangefinder is used to measure the distance of the target from the hunter. There are various types of range finders available out there, the hunter should choose the one according to the type of hunting.

Magnification is one of the important features of a rangefinder. The higher the magnification the greater the accuracy. Some rangefinders are specifically designed for hunting, so, you should opt for the one that will provide you with the most accurate result with a clear image.

range finder for hunting

Laser rangefinders are gaining quite some popularity among hunters these days. However, the light emitted from the laser may disclose the position of the hunter.

Calls and Trail Cameras

hunting gear trail camera

Calls are the most important determinants whether you’ll come home empty-handed or a bag full. It’s vital that you master the calls as well as own them. Deer, elk, and bird calls are the few most important calls that you need to practice to perfection.

A trail camera is used to track the game without disturbing the nearby prey. It’ll help the hunter to keep a track of the game for a long period without getting fatigued. The trail camera you opt for should be sturdy and weatherproof. This will enable you to hunt in all kinds of weather conditions without worrying about the camera.


No matter what type of hunting you’re into, it’s essential that you utilize the decoys properly to make the most of your hunt. Animals are getting smarter and more conditioned to the ways hunters hunt. Therefore, it’s important that the hunter is not on the focal point or looked at as they make the final approach. There are many types of decoys such as duck decoys, turkey decoys, geese decoys, etc. However, a flying decoy will have a greater probability in terms of attraction.

must have hunting gear Decoy

Phone Essentials

must have hunting gear side bag

Carrying some phone essentials is a must-do for every hunting trip. Nowadays, phones are not only for making calls rather they have tons of features that will be extremely useful when you’re in the woods. There are many different apps on smartphones such as a compass, torch, etc. that will be extremely useful during the hunt. Keep multiple chargers and power banks handy so that you can charge up the cellphone when the batteries are drained out.

Basic First Aid Kit (Self-Care)

You never know what you might face when you’re out there in the woods. Therefore, you need to be well-prepared to face anything that comes your way. You need to carry some basic survival tools such as bug repellant, ibuprofen, blister kit, band-aid, etc.

Also, keep some dry food and drinking water handy. You’ll be gone for long hours so the food and water will help you stay hydrated and keep your tummy filled during the game. Try to keep the foods unwrapped as the sound of the wrapper can alter the prey and make it run away.

first aid must have hunting gear


Hunting requires patience and dedication. You must be prepared for probable situations that you might face during the game and stay well-prepared to face them. We have added the most essential gears that are a must-have for a successful hunting expedition. However, feel free to add up more gears that you think will come in handy during the game.

Try to opt for reputed brands as those will offer you more durability and better performance. Nowadays, many advanced and innovative hunting gears are available on the market that will make the game more enjoyable and successful. So, pack your bag with all the essentials and get ready for your next hunting trip!

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