Tips on Deer Hunting for Beginners

Deer Hunting Tips for Beginners

Hunting isn’t an ordinary pastime. Deer hunting is just one of the best strategies to spend a tremendous fall day. It’s the ultimate exercise and it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy hiking, camping, and a lot more stuff together. But it’s just as difficult as it is fun. You may have heard of many techniques from different media on deer hunting tips for beginners.

deer hunting tips for beginners
Family camp and hunt;

But will all of those techniques go to work for you in the real hunting field?

I think most of them are not!!!

I don’t blame any technique. Always remember, “Hunting a deer is totally a combination of nature and your expertise together.” So, you should follow the technique of a Pro-Hunter, it has a chance to succeed.

You know that deers are very aware, clever, and fast animals. Which makes them hard to shoot properly. A lot of practice, following some tips and tricks, and a lot more patience can make a hunting expedition successful. Except for those things, deer hunting for beginners is almost impossible.

Prepare Yourself for Successful Deer Hunting

A successful hunting expedition depends on your preparation. So, follow the instructions below. Wish you’ll have an excitingly successful hunting

Tips on Deer Hunting for Beginners

Make a Lawfully Hunting

You can’t just set your mind, take your weapon and go for a hunt, because every state has its own rules and regulations on hunting and you have to maintain those properly. If you haven’t got a license as a hunter yet, you should go to the state’s “Department of Natural Resources” website to find and sign up for a hunter safety course and get certified. It is the first thing you have to assure before going for a hunt.

You ‍also have to assure that you know the specific rules where you’re going for a hunt. But it is different if you’re hunting on private property. Though, deer hunting keeps the balance of harvesting deer. But in the 20th century, it seems deer harvesting is under threat due to overhunting. For that reason, some states have banned deer hunting. It is more than important for a hunter to abide by the rules for hunting.

Weapons and Gear Preparation for Deer Hunting

deer hunting weapon

Every piece of equipment you are going to carry with you has its own priority by itself. So, it is important to make sure that your equipment is working well and help you to survive the hunting field. I got a list of must-have hunting gear that I always carry with me for my hunting expedition.

Basically, weapons and ammo are the main equipment of a hunting expedition. It can be a bow or a rifle you’re going to hunt with. But in today’s world hunters use modern accessories like a rangefinder, binoculars, GPS, and many more, which makes hunting easier.

‍Science, you are not using those gears regularly, they become jammed after a long day of use. So, check your weapon is operational, the battery life of electronic devices is good, and every piece of equipment you are carrying is working properly. An error of any of that equipment can have an impact to hunt your prey.

Proper Clothing Tips for Deer Hunting

You must have heard that you should use camouflage or orange clothing for hunting. Actually, some states have rules to wear orange color when someone hunting with a rifle.

It is also true that camouflage clothing is appropriate for hunting in the woods. Because the print of camouflage helps you to go invisible to your prey and shoot from closer. For a successful hunting expedition, camouflage clothing is a good factor.

deer hunting clothing

In a hunting field, you have to walk long, climb over trees or high and spend hours sitting and waiting in wood. Keep in mind the weather and wear clothes according to the weather. If you’re hunting on a warm day, try to wear lighter clothes but if it is cold out there use warm. You’ll find those types of suits with camouflage print in online shops or maybe your nearby stores. 

Footwear is also a part of your clothing for hunting. A hunting day will not be going to be like your usual days. You may have to face a rough nature so keep your attention and get a quality pair of hunting boots. Remember, if you’re hunting in the rainy season or a muddy area, use waterproof boots. This will give you the comfort of hunting all day long. Another important thing here is using a sent killer. Smell’s sense of deer is very strong. A deer can detect your existence by the smell from long distances. So you have to stay smell-free. For that reason, you can use a scent killer.

All those things you read yet were preparation for hunting deer. Now, what about the hunting field?

Track Down The Deer’s Herd

Deer always leave some marks that will help you to get them. If you want to be a good hunter you have to recognize the deer sign. As deer hunting tips for beginners, you should learn it well. Your first job in the woods will be tracking the deer sign carefully. I’ll show you some examples below and hope they’ll help you.

  • Natural food sources: Find the natural food sources of deer. Acorn, brassicas, corns, browses are the favorite foods of deer. You’ll find them around the food sources.
  • Hoofprints: The most common deer existing sign is the hoof prints. Try to find the footprint of deer. It’ll tell you the way to get them.
  • Deer Droppings: Droppings of deer can be a good source of information about deer existence. It’ll tell you how nearby you are.
  • Scrape on the ground: Deer usually scrape on the ground and urinate there. All ages and both sexes of deer do that.
  • Rubs on the tree: Rub marks on the tree is also a hint of deer existence.

Set An Unerring Spot

When you found those deer signs enough you have to set a perfect spot. Most beginner hunters are mistaken in choosing their spot. So, you should always try to set your spot near the natural food sources, water sources, or near the shelters of deers.

There are some particular times when deer move in these places. For example, in the morning and evening deers come to water sources for a drink. Follow those kinds of timing, this is the natural way they’ll come to you. Don’t forget, in which direction the wind is blowing? Remember, wind can be your friend or the enemy. Wind can destroy your shot.

Set up your blind or stand and wait for the exact time. Be careful about your safety if you’re hunting with a tree stand. Make sure your safety harness is strong enough to hold you. Don’t compromise here, use a quality treestand safety harness and hunt at ease. But if you want to go hunting with a Ground Blind then keep some small branches of trees so that it looks like bushes. It’ll help you to stay odorless in addition to hide enough so deers will come closer and you can make a sure shot.

Shoot on Target

shoot placement for deer hunting

So, your all preparation is done properly and ready to shoot deer. I hope you actually know your range of the sure-shot. But deer will not always come within the range. Aim on your target, Stay calm and shoot when the deer standstill. It can be difficult but try to shoot on the area of lungs, liver, or heart.

Final Words

In the Final Words, I’ll remind you of the word what is my experience, “Hunting a deer is totally a combination of nature and your expertise together.” There is no technique that can assure you a deer singly. Nature also has to be in your favor. In the very beginning, you should go with a mentor. If you have this opportunity to go with a Pro-Hunter, you are more likely to succeed. I wish you’ll be lucky enough to hunt down a deer in your next hunting season.

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